Fishing Honduras

David's Fish Story
by Debbie, 7 January 2009

Deb PortraitHi there, This is Deb here and I am sailing with Dave on Expectations. You all may have heard of fishy stories and tales before and this one is definitely one of those! It is one of those that should be entered in shows like “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” or America’s Best Home Videos or something, cause it is a tale out of a storybook but it did happen to David and he has proof right here!

Stiches in FootHe was not attacked by sharks in the water but attacked by a fighting Wahoo on his own boat…… this is how the story goes.

What had happened was, on his way over to Porto Cortez to get me, Dave was fishing as usual. He had out his usual 4 poles and sailing merrily along. About 10 miles out of Porto Cortez he caught a 4 ft. Wahoo on his line and when he pulled him up he did not have his gaff. In fact, there was no way now that he could even go for his gaff! As the fish neared the boat, he jumped onto the bottom step of the pontoon and as Dave slipped up a step to get away from him, the fish snapped at the bottom of his foot, catching it on his big toe and the pad right below his big toe…….Toe Stichesthe results as seen above! Blood was everywhere. He still had 10 miles to go before getting to any kind of help. He managed to get one of his kitchen towels and wrapped it tightly around his foot but he could not get the bleeding to stop. He kicked both engines into gear and got the boat moving fast. He had already called Flash (a guy that drives him around when he needs to go somewhere in these parts) and Flash was there ready to take him to the hospital. I guess this fish figured that he would have his last supper on Dave’s foot, huh? Or maybe he thought that he was brought on board for more bait! Comments invited! As you can see from his photos, the fish was really a beauty with one very big mouth!

Fishing HondurasDavid will be David and bleeding or not, he still got the fish into his dinghy and went off to the hospital where the doctor injected him on the bottom of his foot, making him leap into the air as the bottom of his foot was so sensitive! The doctor, in Spanish, told him that under no circumstances was he to move like that again (thanks to Flash he got to find out what the doctor was saying!). Just to make sure, the 2 nurses stood next to Dave and held his leg whenever an injection had to go in thereafter……… At the end of it all, the doc had inserted 20 stitches into the toe and the toe pad! Not bad huh? The lucky thing is that he still has his foot in tact and no parts of it are missing! Dave had lost a lot of blood in his ordeal and it took me 2 days to get the stains out of the cockpit and on the 2 pontoon steps! This took place on 7th January, 2009.

Fishing HondurasAt sunrise on the morning of 11th Jan. 2009, we were underway bound for Utila. On our way over, we (as usual) put out our 4 lines and guess what? Yep, about 3 hours into our trip we caught another Wahoo about 4’ 6” this time! What a beauty. Poor Dave, he sent me down to the bottom of the pontoon steps to gaff the fish and do you think I could bring myself to do that??? NO! I looked at his eyes and my blood went cold! Poor Dave had to hand me the fishing rod and go down to gaff the fish bad foot and all!

Fishing HondurasWe pulled him up the steps and got him on the side of the boat for Dave to be able to work on him but as soon as Dave was finished filleting one side of the fish, I heard one of the reels going out again, so I told him we had another! We dropped everything and he went to reel in his line, telling me to reel in the ones on the other side of the boat. At that moment, a huge fish jumped about 10 ft. out of the water behind the boat! We thought that it was the fish he was trying to pull in. I started to reel in my line and there was one on that one too. Very soon Dave was next to me pulling in the 3rd line and there was a fish on that one too! I was having a hell of a time getting my line in and it was almost ½ hour before I had him just under the boat fighting me. Dave stood at the end of the step armed with his gaff (he learnt not to give me that job again) and as I got him next to the boat, he got that gaff in him and pulled him out of the water. Fishing HondurasAgain, it was another 4’ 6” Wahoo! Can you imagine, it was not one but 3 more fish on the 3 lines all at the same time!! We caught 2 black fin Tuna and I reeled in that 4’ 6” Wahoo. My God did that damned fish give me a run for my money but you can see him below. That’s the highlight of the last week. Never a dull moment when sailing with Dave. Hope you all keep in touch and be careful…..don’t let the fish bite you! Dave & Debs

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